3 to 1

SwimLessonsAt LTD’s Sunday swim lessons, the class is only four kids strong. Three of the other students are girls and boy let me tell you it makes a huge difference. LTD is unbelievably well behaved during class and is actually learning to swim. Why? No other boys. If there was even one other boy in that class, LTD would either react to the other boy’s mischief or more likely would be teeing it up and encouraging the boy to join him in his distracting reindeer games. In theory, I could be off on the other boy behavior and that LTD is just trying to act cool to impress a potential suitor, but that seems like a stretch. Of course, I have no control group and this isn’t a scientific analysis of boy next to boy troublemaking, but I feel pretty safe in my assumption after all we are talking about sugar and spice and everything nice.

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