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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

old-school-gent-262x350This morning I took LTD for his regular dental check up and cleaning. After fighting traffic, school buses and construction we were only ten minutes late (after I left the car double parked because the lot was full). Perhaps it was that he sensed I was in the weeds or it was just that he is awesome, but the boy put on a clinic for the dental staff. We are talking, the perfect gentlemen. He sat in the chair made small talk and opened wide. The hygienist asked him what he was doing in school and he politely replied, “I can’t answer because your hand is in my mouth.” He was behaved for the pokey tool, the brushing and the fluoride. And while he kept swallowing instead of spitting he was a perfect gentleman the entire time. When the dentist came in for the final review, he informed her that she looked like one of his teachers and again opened wide. It was insane how smooth things went, if you built a perfect dentist visit machine he would have pulled a John Henry and beaten it. What is my point for bringing all this up am I just bragging? No, my point is that after this display of insanely good behavior I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and his head to start spinning around as he informs me that Satan is his father now. But until that happens I will take credit for being the great parent that the entire dental office thought I was.

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