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This Should Be Easy, Right?

keep-calm-and-get-dressed-19I don’t remember it being this hard when LTD was a baby and I know I was never good at it, but BB has taken things to a whole new level when it comes to getting dressed. From the diaper to the pants and shirt trying to get BB to not be naked is like trying to nail Jello to the wall. In terms of the diaper you need a major distraction to get him to simply stay on his back; I have given up on getting him to stay still. Anything short of a full on production number that would get you a gig on Broadway and he immediately flips over. Once I manage to get the diaper on and after I have been given oxygen and a saline drip so that my strength can return I begin trying to get the pants and shirt on. The days of doing this on the changing table are soon coming to a close as the dance we do is to conducive to heights. On the ground things are a bit more manageable except where my lower back is concerned, but at least the struggle can be contained. Of course once I do manage to get him dressed I spend the day hoping the outfit stays food and drool free because I’m no hero I can only fight the clothes battle once a day.

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