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The Wind Up

larva-wind-up-toyWhile it’s true that BB looks at LTD in a special way, the practice is having unintended consequences. We love the fact that the baby looks up to his big brother and arent’ really bothered by the fact that he stares at him in a special way, a look that he doesn’t use when peeping us. However, now that BB is nine months old the brother bond has taken the boys down a path filled with mischief. Where am I going with this, you ask? They wind each other up, usually at bed time all it takes is LTD getting in BB’s grill to make a funny face and that sets off the baby laughing which in turn encourages LTD to up his game resulting in a certain unhelpful pre-sleep volume. You would think The Mommy and I would be jealous that BB doesn’t laugh at our antics the way he does his brother, but how can you feel anything but joy knowing that sibling fun is being had and no one is getting punched.

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