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The Milk Carton

playgroundWay back in the beginning of the summer something a little scary happened when we were all at the beach. The beach has a really big playground almost like a castle and there were a ton of people using it the day we were there. As LTD was running around a mother asked me if I was with him and I told her yes, she then informed me that a toddler was missing and wearing a red shirt like LTD’s. The woman was helping out the missing boy’s mother who was getting understandable a little frantic. As word spread things started a little slow in terms of the gravity situation, but eventually the police came and closed the playground to do a search. Thankfully it had a happy ending as the toddler had actually wandered past the parking lot pretty far away. The reason I bring it up was the reaction I observed every time a parent asked me what was going on. Once I told them what was going on, they immediately tried to lock eyes on their own child. Of course, this meant that they didn’t already have eyes on their child. I swear a ton of people asking me and every single time they darted to find their kid. The police reopened the playground, but none of the original families went back in.

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