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Product Review – Leap Frog Explorer Magic School Bus Dinosaurs

If yo39134_PK01ur child hasn’t taken over your tech yet, he or she may be using a screen with the word Leapfrog on it. If that is the case then consider yourself lucky that your iPad doesn’t have sticky finger prints covering it. Lately, thanks to Netflix, LTD has been getting into the Magic School Bus. And of course, his top three things are robots, monsters and dinosaurs. And thus a marriage happened, Magic School Bus Dinosaurs for Leap Frog Explorer features Ms. Frizzle leading the kids to a Jurassic Park in which Laura Dern is not only not chased by raptors, but isn’t seen at all. The cartridge features six games filled with some many dinosaur facts that when your kid repeats them back to you, he won’t repeat himself. For some Ms. Frizzle is a bit much, but LTD seems to like her and you can never go wrong when you are allowed to put together a dinosaur sketleon. Magic School Bus Dinosarus is compatible with Leapfrog tablets, LeapsterGS, and Leapster Explorers.51dvcX+Va9L

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