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Product Review – Keekee: The Rocking Monkey

As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know well my quest to force LTD and now BB to relive my childhood continues with mixed results. In our house board games were a staple activity and while LTD is ready for Monopoly or Risk (he keekee_gamerjust figure out that to play Candyland you can’t move everyone else’s piece) he has enjoyed some of the more modern games. And in our half hearted attempt to limit screen time we try and play games like Keekee: The Rocking Monkey from blue orange games. In the Jenga wheelhouse, Keekee (designed for three and up) is a balancing game in which the titular hero monkey stands on a rocking banana. The object is to place wooden balls on the banana and monkey without them falling off. Of course you need a steady hand and a calm child to win the game. The good news is that while LTD has a little trouble with patience and therefore the game, each actual round of game play is less than 10 minutes. So you can avoid the whole I wanted to win phase of all preschool competitions. On the surface the game is all about fine motor skills and balance, but I like that it forces the boy to try and be patient and move deliberately (plus you can’t beat the look his face makes when he is concentrating.

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