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Book Review – Ouch!

Ouch_16-17_72_websiteI’m not saying LTD is going to be a doctor when he grows up, but he does spend a lot of time asking about body parts and telling jokes about the butt. Author Joe Rhatigan and artist Anthony Owsley’s book, Ouch! (The Weird & Wild Ways Your Body Deals with Agonizing Aches, Ferocious Fevers, Lousy Lumps, Crummy Colds, Bothersome Bites, Breaks, Bruises & Burns & Makes Them Feel Better!) is slightly over LTD’s current pay scale, but I like to get things more advanced and have him not understand all of it, then make it too simple. The book deals with kid style injuries (skinned knee anyone?) and discusses what happens to the body and how it heals. The topics include sunburns, pulled muscle and the dreaded pink eye. Each splash page is set up in sequence of First Response, What Your Doctor Does, What Your Body Does and What You Can Do To Prevent It. Unlike a lot of the so called body books that LTD is so fond of Ouch! is interesting because it just deals with the everyday kid specific maladies, but even the more serious stuff like broken bones is still presented in a chill way without the Joe Theismann graphics. Now that LTD is able to use a little logical thinking the book provides an opportunity for him to go off on about a million tangents, so be warned if your kid is verbal and you are squeamish.

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