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Work Hard, Play Hard without the Work

big_pile_of_vintage_toysAs hard as it is not to compare LTD and BB, sometimes it just seems natural. For the last few months, BB is doing something that I really can’t remember LTD doing when he was a baby. BB actually plays with his toys. I mean the boy is fascinated with his voluminous collection of baby toys and spends a good long while twisting and rolling the different playthings. I really shouldn’t be surprised, I mean a baby playing with a baby toy isn’t exactly breaking news (but I’m sure CNN with it’s talent for hyperbole would think so) but LTD didn’t really interact with his toys all that much. In truth I think we made them available to BB basically since birth and so he knows nothing else. It’s pretty neat watching him stare and touch a toy very deliberately; of course he also does the same thing with his toes so I’m probably reading way too much into the whole thing.

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