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Ready to Launch

rocket_launchBB spends his days watching LTD and in the process must feel like he wants to run with the big boys. Why do I say such things? Because even though BB is only 7 months old and can only army crawl he is trying to stand up and walk. Of course he is trying both at the same time and not using anything to hold on to, which has the effect of launching him forward and landing on his face. Lately, he has started to figure out that he may need to hold something when trying to stand up. Iā€™m sure he thought this might make things easier for him but now instead of launching straight up and falling on his face, he now slides his face down the side of whatever structure he is using as his legs go out from under him. The moral of this story is that he is getting and going to get way more bumps and bruises then LTD ever did.

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