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Product Review – Green Life by OWI

Green_Life_1__23498.1355940250.1280.1280If you have spoken to LTD in the last few months then that means only one thing, that you have heard the word robot used more times in a shorter span of time than you probably have in your whole life. And when the subject is robots, OWI is a good place to start. Most of their robots are for older kids and adults, but their Green Life line features some cool items for the younger set (with supervision, a lot of supervision since the kit is all about assembling the robot). LTD has moved on from just talking about robots to asking if we can build one so I figured this would be a good fit. The Green Life line features plug-in solar recharging car kits. The charge only takes a few minutes (assuming it isn’t cloudy) and the car roams around for about three minutes. No need for screws, etc but the kit does have a lot of small potentially sharp parts which is great if you want your robot to work better than the cardboard one I first built, but not great if you got really young ones hanging around to see what all the fuss is about. The cool thing about building it is that you get that robot vibe instead of a just a toy from a box.

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