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Media Review – Donkey Kong Country

625828620966_usa_donkeykong_flat_{7ce9718c-bac3-e211-838a-d4ae527c3b65}If you want to take a youngster down memory lane it is fun to show them what life was like back in the good old days. Now on DVD you can find Donkey Kong Country. First introduced in 1981, Donkey Kong is a prime example of what pop culture was all about during the golden age of video games. Donkey Kong Country features four episodes from the 1996 series. When your little one questions the classic look CGI you can explain to them that life was different back then and go on to explain there was a time before the phrase CGI existed. The episodes also feature DK’s best friend Diddy Kong as the gang tries to stop King K. Rool and his Kremlins. As always I don’t want to give away the ending but trust me when I say it involves the Crystal Coconut.

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