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Locked Up

869504_fpxThe Mommy winced and I gave her a look, a look that suggested that I too had occasion to wince. BB’s infant car seat carrier was simply getting too heavy to be of use. The scales were tipping from helping us to hurting us. This is not to suggest that BB is fat, but he is tall (and we may be weak) and even though it meant our baby was growing up, last week the time was right to put away childish things and so it was thus that the car carrier was swapped out for BB’s official big boy car seat. However, following the law of unintended consequences now that I hold BB much more of the time, my arm has taken to locking in the 90 degree position in such away that I have begun to lose feeling in my fingers. For some reason I just can’t get it right when using my left arm so he is permanently affixed in the crook of my right appendage. Thankfully, BB can sit up like a champ, but I do need to remember to put him in the play pen when I’m getting ready for us to leave or I can’t find him as he has taken to army crawling like he is in an actually army. All in all crazy to retire the infant carrier, but like all things it brings opportunities and challenges.

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