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Book Review – Kane Press

lrt.bookdisplayAs LTD is gearing up to read by himself (the other day he read the word Tots on a pack of wipes by himself, so Harvard here we come) I thought it might be time to highlight a ‘learning to read’ series instead of a one book review. Award winning, Kane Press focuses on early childhood development and their titles are geared towards reading out loud and learning. The books are designed for early readers and those younger who need read along assistance. In addition to reading fundamentals, Kane also offers a series in math, science and social studies. True little ones could start with Animal Antics A to Z. This alphabet series is 26 books strong, for obvious reasons, with each book focusing on a different letter. Please note if you go down this road you may have to read things like this out loud over and over again, “Daddy was delighted with Dilly’s new dance.” The Let’s Read Together series uses phonics and rhyming to encourage independent reading. The books also feature both short and long words with playful vowel combinations. Each book contains an “Activities to Do Together” page in the back, further encouraging independent reading. It is pretty amazing watching and listening to your child go through the process of reading out loud, but it will soon lead him to ask me to help with the spelling and then we are all in trouble.umma350

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