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Product Review – Tovolo Sandwich Shapers

80-7792_Sandwich Shapers-Asst Shapes and ColorsEvery weekday morning I make LTD’s lunch for preschool and truth be told I pretty much put the same thing in it every day. He is young enough that this isn’t really a problem as he doesn’t realize he has a lot of options in the lunch department. But because his lunch is mostly the same every day when I throw something different into the mix he flips out pretty good. Tovolo makes a line of sandwich shapers that take off the crust in exchange for a cool shaped sandwich. The different molds feature kid favorites including a train, whale and airplane with clouds. The shaper comes with a storage case to contain the creation in the lunch box or bag. LTD dug the airplane but a word of caution, the bread must be soft for maximum mold maintenance so don’t be using toast.

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