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Lick It

1612905_genesimmons-tongueBB is almost seven months and for almost that entire time he never stuck his tongue out of his mouth. We reached the date when it was time to start solids and BB was reluctant to open his mouth so we figured getting him to try and stick his tongue out would be a good start. Well be careful what you wish for because we created a monster. Of course during tongue training, LTD overheard stick out your tongue and took that as advice for him and he hasn’t put it back in his mouth yet. Unlike LTD, BB didn’t take to training very well and it seemed like a lost cause. However, once the flood gates opened it is a bell we can’t un-ring. Not only does BB hang his tongue out like a dog he has started licking us if given the chance. Truthfully, his tongue adventures have been slightly exaggerated by me and he seems to now be better controlled. But I stand by the fact that for a while there it seemed like our infant son was more tongue than baby.

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