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Interview – CelebriDucks

ducskBath night in our house has always been something of a challenge as LTD first does not want to take one, but once in the tub he doesn’t want to get out. When you think of kids and bath time I’m sure the rubber duck instantly pops to mind. I hope you enjoy my interview with the President of CelebriDucks Craig Wolfe:

What draws someone to the world of rubber ducks?

People love rubber ducks…all ages!  It’s just such an iconic toy that was actually invented in America.  People love ducks in general…they are fun, whimsical, walk funny, are soft, round, and cute.  Virtually every one grew up with a rubber duck and almost every home in America has one!

Can you tell me a about how you decided that the ducks would be “Made in America?”

I was already considered the finest custom duck manufacturer in the world.  But bottom line, I wanted to do something right and make some kind of difference in the lives of people here in America. I got so tired of seeing the loss of jobs and industries in the USA and everything being outsourced. It was very sad to see so many Americans loosing their jobs. I saw companies unwilling to take the risk of bringing their manufacturing back here. For me, it was very important to bring a whole industry back to America.

Thus, I finally decided that I had to do something. The rubber duck was actually invented in the USA. Now every rubber duck was being made overseas. We decided to bring the whole rubber duck industry back here and are now the only ones making them in America once again! We’re actually making them in New York City where as it turns out some of the first rubber ducks were invented in the 1800’s!

What are some of the most popular ducks?

You would laugh, but Mr. T is probably are top selling duck worldwide!  But people really love that Wizard of Oz rubber ducks and also our new 100% made in America Pork Chopper biker duck that we first started making for The Harley-Davidson Museum here.  Betty Boop has been in our line from day one and right now, the Cupcake themed duck we do sells out of every store we put him in!

Can you make a custom duck of anyone or anything?

Oh yes, this is our specialty.  If you look at the custom duck section on our website, you will be amazed at the variety of work we have done from penguins on ice floats to Manta Rays on rocks to tugboats, barges, college mascots, etc., etc…..it is endless…no limit to what is possible!

How do you decide which public figures or celebrities become ducks?

I usually go with what moves me….it may not always be the most popular, but if I think it is relevent and cool, then i want to add it.  I always get feedback from friends and co-workers.  That’s how we came up with our whole Canard (French for duck) themed line of ducks….our Cupcake, Cococa, Cabernet, and Cafe….all based on all my loves!….plus the BBQ Holy Smoker….well, he’s a pig, but seems to fit!   And then there are classics like Shakespeare which I thought was timeless…we have sold thousands and thousands of him over the years.  Often people come to us asking to be added to our line so that is how that happens…and often they go on to be very popular like with The Blues Brothers that we now sell at all the House of Blues around the country.

Which is your favorite duck?

I love chocolate, so our Cocoa Canard duck holding that big chocolate bar in that gorgeous gift box is one of my favorite ducks.  We do all our artwork and sculpting on all our ducks here, and now do final production on ones such as the Pork Chopper here in America.  I just love that guy!!  He is amazingly cute.



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