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Don’t Tell Dracula

max_1I think you can guess how this one happened. A few weeks ago, we get one of those emails from school that freaks you out with the subject, “LTD is fine, but…” turns out he had his first bloody nose, but was okay and not freaked out. Of course he manage to get the red stuff on both is shirt and pants so the school had to lend him a pair of clothes (since I forgot to stuck the back up items with the school) They only had a thin white t-shirt and a pair of girls jeans so he looked like he stepped out of a Wham video from the 80’s. When we picked up The Mommy that night we had a nice long talk with LTD about which one of his fingers caused the bloody nose and he seemed to understand the direct relationship between digging for gold and a river a blood. The good news about the incident is that now every time his finger drifts towards that region of is face we can begin our scolding with, “do you remember what happened at school?”

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