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Book Review – Fairy Tale Comics

9781596438231When I was a kid it seemed like the classic fairy tales were all the rage and I am hard pressed to remember that many stories that weren’t little red riding hood related. However, LTD’s generation is what The Mommy calls Digital Natives and they have the world at their finger tips. In other words besides a few of the big ones (Snow White and Goldilocks) I don’t think LTD knows anything about the classics. The compilation, Fairy Tale Comics is edited by Nursery Rhyme Comics’ Chris Duffy and features a mix of 17 tales ranging from beloved standards and less known adventures. For every Hansel and Gretel you’ll find a The Prince and the Tortoise. Each tale is adapted by a different author/artist but my favorite is Give me the Shudders by David Mazzucchelli for the simple reason that he drew Daredevil: Born Again and Batman: Year One. The collection is probably not for really young ones, but definitely worth a look if you are searching for material left of Disney’s center.

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