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Back to Sleep, Yeah Right

back_to_sleepThe second BB figured out how to roll over was the second he decided that sleeping on his back wasn’t in the cards. I mean if you put him on his back in the crib by the time your hands have slipped out from underneath him is the time it takes for him to either roll on his side or roll on his stomach. Of course it is a little unsettling to watch as the back to sleep movement ingrains in all parents that babies need to sleep on their backs, but our pediatrician assures us that if a baby can roll over on it’s own then he or she can sleep on their stomachs. He looks like a little adult sleeping on his side, but when he sticks his butt in the air to sleep on his stomach I really can’t say what he looks like. Last night when I transferred him to the crib he wasn’t even touching the mattress when he began his millisecond long journey to his stomach. While it is still hard adjusting to his sleep position he does look comfortable and truth be told I’m little jealous.

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