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I, Robot

It was probably Transformers: Rescue Bots but in truth I have no idea why but about a month ago, LTD started saying the word robot. I know what you’re thinking and yes sometimes he uses it correctly in context so why should I bring it up? Well, he uses the word robot employing the correct usage about 5% of the time and every other second of the day is spent saying things like, ‘I will brush my robot before bed’ or ‘can I eat robot for breakfast.’ I don’t think he is crazy (yet) I just think he thinks it’s funny. One can only hope it is another one of his phases but it is getting hard to know what he is talking about when he says things like, ‘put the robot in the robot with the robot.’ He also has started correcting himself the opposite way. If he says, can I have cereal for breakfast? He will stop and then say, I mean can I have robot for breakfast? This has been going on for long enough that we can ignore it, but this morning he asked about robots, monsters and dinosaurs so I fear we may been in for quite a ride before this one plays itself out.

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