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socksssyPeople often remark just how much BB looks like his older brother. The resemblance is there for sure, but now the baby really wants to follow in LTD’s foot steps. When LTD was a baby the first and last thing he would everyday is pull off his socks (and every moment in between). Now, BB just wants to be like his older sib. To put socks on the baby is to court bending over and picking them up or getting slobbered on as you take them out of his mouth. This baby views socks as if you are offering him a toy. I often think that it is too bad they aren’t edible because then I wouldn’t have to feed him. The good news is that it’s pretty warm out and if his socks should come off (I mean when) it’s not really such a big deal. One last piece of good news in the ongoing sock struggle is that every time I look down and see that one is missing instead of retracing my steps in the grocery store the sock can usually be found under his leg in the car seat.

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