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Um, I Kind of Just Want to go to Sleep Now

From the memory lane files comes tale of LTD’s first sleep over. Last year, one of his friends from school, who also happens to be from our pediatr10942700_oriician’s mom group, spent the night for the first time. LTD’s friend is about a week older and they have literally known each other their whole lives so we weren’t worried about any drama. LTD went to a special place during the sleep over, a place I called the wicked unbelievably hyper zone. While his friend was interested in playing with seemingly new toys, LTD wanted to have more of an adventure style sleepover involving games together. However, when the TV turned on they both enjoyed a little Yo Gabba together. At this age getting them in the room for bedtime wasn’t really an issue. Getting them to actually sleep became a challenge. Or half a challenge, as LTD’s friend just wanted to sleep (after a little bout of ‘I miss my mommy’). However, LTD had other designs. First he wanted to get in the same bed as his friend and then he wanted to keep playing. In the end, we had to remove LTD and let him fall asleep on the couch downstairs. Since the inaugural sleepover we have had a few more with the same results. LTD trying to wind everyone up and his friend just wanting to go to bed. I get the impression then when he is a little older and his sleepover pals want to play games with him instead of using the train set, The Mommy and I are going to want to have a sleepover of our own at a hotel and spa while a babysitter can tell the kids to be quiet and go to bed.

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