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The Lego Movie

hr_The_LEGO_Movie_2I just saw this trailer and had to show LTD. Now on the one hand The Lego Movie is a child’s imagination come to life in the way the best comic book movies do. However, it is really just a very long commercial for Lego. The trailer is awesome and very fun and LTD said he wanted to see it and keep in mind that he has only ever seen The Mommy’s movies in the theater meaning he only goes once a year. Praise from Cesar. I would be happy to take him especially since he will be five. In terms of justifying the commercial nature of the film, I guess we already have a ton of Legos and I fully understand the business side of show business so why not. Also I love Legos and since I have banned Thomas and Dora from the house, I’ll throw the kid a bone.

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