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That’ll Teach Yea

alerLately, LTD has taken to stealing my drink during dinner. Not really a problem because he knows it is usually water or orange juice and I don’t really mind since I know he is going to do it and it makes him laugh. Also it’s important to stay hydrated and if he has to turn to a life of crime to do it so be it. The thefts occur during dinner so I don’t think much about it when we aren’t at the dining room table. However, the other day revenge was a dish best served fizzy as I placed my glass of ginger ale on the table this particular afternoon. LTD walked by and assuming it was water grabbed it and took a sip. What happened next was better than any lesson I could have taught him about the dangers of stealing. It all happened fast but I’m pretty sure it came out his nose and his face got all scrunched up because he’s never really had that level of fizz before. It wasn’t a clean win but I’ll take it.

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