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Strong Words Indeed

FOREIGNER_web3This weekend for various reasons we were in Westport, CT a whole bunch including a duck race in which our duck lost. All over the town there were signs for Saturday nights performance at The Levitt Pavilion of the 80’s super group Foreigner. In addition to our trips to the Westport area LTD picked this weekend to act like a stinker and spent the entire weekend not doing good listening. By Sunday, my nerves were pretty much shot and as we were driving he flipped out again. We past a sign for Levitt and I told him that if he didn’t stop whining I would make him go watch Foreigner. His screaming reply, ‘I hate Foreigner.’ This lead us down a rabbit hole of trying to explain that hate is strong word etc, but he was so worked up that it didn’t end well. Our real take away is that if your kid is going through a growth spurt you have to have food nearby all the time.

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