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Product Review – SPT Ionizer

713mtRaTm3L._SL1500_Recently, we had the repair technician out to fix our HVAC system. After the quick repair he commented on the ducts. We had had them cleaned not too long ago and as he was telling us they looked fine he explained about the build up of stuff (gross stuff) that he normally sees while in other people’s homes. Then he saw the baby and could not have been more adamant that we get an air purifier. I don’t like fans in general because I can’t stand the noise, but SPT’s Tower HEPA/VOC Air Cleaner and Ionizer is whisper quiet. The tower is user friendly in the sense that it has only a few simple buttons for fan speed, ionizer, timer and of course on/off. The tower also has a change filter light so you know when the bad boy is full of spores and dust. The HEPA part collects stuff floating in the air and the VOC section collects Formaldehyde and other toxins found in some building materials. The really cool thing is the science of the Ionizer. Basically, ions get released and attach themselves to pollen, dust, etc and make a bigger particle which becomes heavier than air and drops to the ground so you step on it instead of breathing it. In the end, this is the stuff you can’t see so you never know if you needed it in the first place but with a baby developing every day and us not being able to afford college, he is going to need his brain in good shape to get a scholarship.

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