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Product Review – BabyGanics Daily Lotion

BG_Lotion__free__17ozBeing back in the baby business means many things and many baby related things are great (first smile, etc) others are not (poop). As I am now changing diapers all the time in addition to keeping him from rolling over and falling off the table I have to remember to make sure BB’s skin isn’t dry. Long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know that The Mommy is all about organic and non-gmo stuff so nothing goes on the baby that has Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates. Daily Lotion by BabyGanics features plant-based lotion goodies like Olive and Avocado Oil, Aloe and Shea butter. All that natural stuff makes The Mommy happy, but what I dig about it is the fact that the smell isn’t overwhelming. Additionally, the lotion has a little bit of sunscreen in case you are like me and forget the baby’s hat all the time. Obviously dry skin is more of problem in winter, but so far all my kids have such light skin that simply going outside is all it takes for them to turn red. Protect the skin or people will comment when you post on facebook.

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