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Oh, That is a Great Name, He Said Sarcastically

baby-name-bibleI don’t normally get on a soap box and tell people what to do (on this site anyway), but I believe this is advice that will serve parents to be well. When dealing with the subject of naming a child I offer a few suggestions that will make your life easier I guarantee. Of course my advice comes via The Mommy who gets credit for researching and implementing these ideas. When we were trying to come up for a name for BB it was a little harder then with LTD as we felt like we spent all our brain power coming up with the first name that to have to do it again seemed a little more challenging. After narrowing it down the most helpful thing we did was pretend that the name we choose was our own. We practiced introducing ourselves by that name at a party. This process eliminated a lot of names on the surface appeared cool but when you use them as your own name out loud took a clear turn for the worse. Perhaps the best advice on the subject I can offer is that nothing good happens when you tell people the name in advance. I’m talking about close friends and immediate family too. Before the birth the only two things that will happen if you tell someone the name you have picked out is that they will either tell you that they don’t like it because they knew someone with that name that they hated or they will simply go that’s nice with as little emotion as possible. No one ever says that is a great name you are awesome for naming your baby that, because people can’t view the name through anything but their prism and they bring a lifetime of baggage and own ideas of what the perfect name should be to the table. However, names they would have not liked before are revealed with a picture of the cure new baby it immediately seems like a cool name. Why am I bring all this up? For that answer google: Kardashian.

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