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Go Get Blue

octAt the risk of jinxing it, BB is a pretty mellow baby in terms of fussing, he is not mellow in terms of sitting still, but that is another story, I’m talking about temperament. When BB does take to the crying and none of the big three will help (sleeping, eating, changing) it is time to turn to the blue octopus. A family friend got it for him and this soft rattle and ring toy is like baby Thorazine. There is something about this smiling colorful sea creature that grabs BB’s attention and holds it long enough for him to forget his troubles. I’m just sentimental enough to call the azure cephalopod mollusk his best friend. However, lately it appears that they may have had a falling out as the baby has taken to eating his so called friend let’s hope that in the future the two of them can get along on equal terms.

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