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Change isn’t Permanent, But Change is

jotttttttLong time Beyond the Car Seat readers know all too well LTD’s fondness for clothes and changing outfits multiple times during the day. Research has shown that with in all the daily chaos, there are patterns if you know where to look. In the beginning of the LTD dressing himself era he wore only button down shirts no matter how informal the occasion. Then we entered the costumes phase, a time when every day was Halloween and the said Halloween celebration meant changing costumes many many times through the day. These habits bring us to the modern age as LTD demands comfort above all things and that can only mean one thing, pajamas.
After much debate we weaned him off PJs at school but as soon as he gets home he changes out of his work clothes in order to relax. The truth is I can’t really blame him he does look comfy. Of course he has recently adapted the PJ phase to include doubling down on an outfit and wearing two at a time. Again, we have no real problem with this as two seems reasonable compared with his initial instincts of layering up. And two seems even more cool once you hear that his record of wearing multiple layers is five.

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