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Book Review – Star Wars Mega Models

9781409330875HWhen you got two kids at home the so-called rainy day blues can reek havoc on a tired family. Knowing that indoor activities that don’t involve a screen are in prime demand and that LTD enjoys art we turn to crafts that he can either do or help with. Long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know that the little guy has fallen for Star Wars and is a proud member of the Rebel Alliance so with that in mind DK’s Star Wars Mega Models takes care of what to do when you need a craft project and your kid’s love of Lightsabers. The book includes four punch-out models to build without glue or tape. The models are a TIE fighter, Yoda, a Lightsaber and Boba Fett’s helmet. Of course for sheer awesomeness nothing beats Boba Fett, but the TIE fighter is the coolest to make. The book includes a little background info on the subjects if you can get your kids to listen before tearing into the projects. Which brings me to a word of caution if you don’t want these bad boys to rip you have to either be careful or if you are like me and LTD get The Mommy to tear them out.9781409330875L_004

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