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Book Review – Let’s Hear it for Almigal

almigalcover Let’s Hear it For Almigal is the story of a little girl with cochlear implants that isn’t just for families of kids with hearing loss. Written by Wendy Kupfer, whose daughter was born with profound hearing loss and illustrated by Tammie Lyon, the tale deals with Almigal’s struggle and sadness over not being able to hear every day childhood sounds. However, the big sound she wants to hear is that of her parents telling her they love her. The book’s message celebrates differences among all children and the power of friendship. An important safety point is also brought up when dealing with not getting the implant wet. While the book focuses on cochlear implants the narrative isn’t preachy and LTD dug it because anything that even comes remotely close to being about robots make him go nuts with joy.

5% of sales from Let’s Hear it for Almigal are donated to organizations that support children with hearing loss and their families.

• The Center for Hearing and Communication finds that about 3 million children in the U.S. have a hearing loss, with 1.3 million of them being under the age of 3.
• According to ASHA more than twenty-one million infants, children, and adults in America suffer from some degree of hearing loss in one or both ears.
• According to the CDC the earlier children with hearing loss start getting services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential.

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