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Book Review – Flood

719wGkH+UiL._SL1500_Thanks to the wonders of DVR LTD has never watched a commercial and he has also never seen the news. With all the bad stuff that has happened in the last few years the family has been able to deal with it on our own terms without the 24 hour news cyclone screaming in our faces. When LTD was talking a lot about death we turned to Leo Buscaglia’s The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, but after events like Hurricane Sandy it was nice to be able to use Alvaro F. Villa’s Flood. The interesting thing about this book is that we didn’t read it to LTD we ‘read’ it together because it is a wordless story. The narrative told through powerful pictures shows one family’s struggle dealing with a major flood. The family has to leave their home when a powerful storm sets in and deal with thoughts of what that they will find when they go back home. However, ultimately the story offers hope and optimism. By asking the question, what do the pictures show? The adult can gauge the child’s level of comprehension and begin the discussion tailored to his or her development. Plus you can’t go wrong that when you buy Flood the purchase supports Save the Children’s Domestic Emergency Fund.

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