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Bathroom Birthday Suit

Star Trek The Naked TimeI’m not saying that LTD is going through a naked phase and maybe it is the heat but he does seem to be taking his clothes off a lot lately. Not so much that we have to have ‘a talk,’ but it feels a little like a trend might be developing. However, this thing happened the other day that was slightly jarring. At dinner, LTD asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. He shut the door (because at school they teach him that no one wants to see his business) and so we knew he was going to be going number two. As The Mommy and I finished our dinner in peace we figured it was time to check on him. I opened that door to find him sitting naked on the throne. I asked him the nature question why? To which he replied because “I didn’t want to get poop on my clothes.” Now there are several things wrong with that answer and the situation in general but I was laughing too hard to teach him any life lesson and since in our house we always dress for dinner he did put back on his clothes to finish his meal.

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