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You Can’t Stop Him Only Contain Him

Baby MonstersSo at almost five months, BB has decided what kind of baby he wants to be, he wants to be a monster. He already has three teeth and one more on the way. This has the added benefit of making a ton of water flow out of his gaping maw onto his shirt and mine. Additionally, his drool often like in the movie Alien leaves one of those drool trails when going from his mouth to whatever surface it hits. When put on his back on a blanket, he flips over and moves around in a matter of seconds. I leave him in one spot and turn around to find him five feet away kicking and screaming. But it would not be exactly fair to call BB a monster, it would be more accurate to refer to him as the Hulk since he spends most of his time as a sweet mellow baby but then he transforms into a beast. Oh, and did I mention he is incredibly strong. Well, he is. The other day when lying in-between The Mommy and LTD for a bedtime story, in a flash he hit both of them in the face repeatedly. True he was just trying to sit up, but still it was a monster move. Now that I think about how sweet he is I’m going to change my Hulk answer to a Jekyll and Hyde one.

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