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Yeah, it’s Cool, I’m Batman

IMG_1898We will file this one under I can’t believe I missed it. The Mommy took LTD and BB to a spring picnic hosted by the mom group. All the kids were running around playing with what seemed like new toys (well new to everyone but the hosting child) and releasing a ton of energy. A little while into the gathering LTD stumbled on a Batman costume which as luck would have it was just his size. After he donned the outfit and became the caped crusader here is what The Mommy says happened next. He ran around the house fighting crime, but when he happened on the group of girls who were coloring quietly things took an interesting turn. Even though everyone was only four, the girls giggled and swooned over the Batman. LTD ran off to find The Mommy for guidance as he was now in uncharted waters. The Mommy informed him that the girls need help. His words were, ‘I will go and save them’ and he ran off. The Mommy could hear, from her listening post in the kitchen, the sounds of giggling and ‘yeeee, it’s Batman’. Now the only thing left to figure out about the flirting was if it was the man or the costume.

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