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Product Review – Wummelbox

wummelbox_2Almost over night LTD has turned into an artist, I’m not saying we are in the Monet ballpark just yet, but I think he has a bright future. The Mommy and I wish to feed his creative development and so we looked at the Netflix of art projects, The Wummelbox (and yes it’s German before you ask about the name). You can order the Wummelbox as a one time thing or you can sign up for the subscription with free shipping to get new materials on a monthly basis. The box comes with different projects that are base on a theme like Music or the Circus and comes with an illustrated instruction pamphlet. Additionally, the box is environmentally friendly and designed to be used by the child again and again when the project is finished, the circus box features masks and a ring toss game. LTD loves getting things in the mail so I take care of half his energy just by opening the box in the first place. Some of the projects are best with adult supervision so the box is a little more involved then a coloring book so bewared you may have to put down the iPad and spend time being creative with your kids.

Disclosure: While I did received the Wummelbox for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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