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Product Review – Ulubulu Bibs

Frog_baby_bibI would like to say that now that BB is five months old and we are starting solids that we are back in the bib business, but truthfully that the way LTD eats yogurt we never left. As my number one priority when it comes to bibs is in the cleaning department, I am all about the BPA free silicone. Ulubulu Silicone Baby Bibs are, as LTD would say, the leader of our bib collection. I don’t like to put bibs in the laundry since they have so much food wiff on them that I think it is gross to put them in with the clothes (trust me the cloth diapers already meet the household gross laundry requirement). Not only are the Ulubulu’s wipe clean capable but feature a crumb catcher that works overtime when the little guy eats anything that generates crumbs. As an added bonus they come in silly monster designs and you can never go wrong with silly monsters.

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