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Product Review – 007 Cars

toystate_007secretagentastonmartindb5The last piece of the ‘turn LTD into a clone of me,’ trifecta after Star Wars and Superheroes is of course James Bond. However, I hit some snags when trying to teach the little guy about the world’s most famous secret agent. Some of the things that Commander Bond says and does are little age in appropriate (just a little: see guns, girls and booze). However, LTD still enjoys a fancy car when he sees one especially since our home car collection only includes the finest Ferraris and Lambos (wishful thinking). The Toy State 007 cars are around 9 inches long, battery operated and have lights & buttons that play effects. And like all good Bond cars, they drive by themselves. However, LTD has never actually played with classic Goldfinger Astin Martin because one of the sound effects is the legendary Bond theme music and I can’t stop playing with it myself. Perhaps I will let him have it when we watch our first Bond movie together or I should say when The Mommy lets us watch one.

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