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Car Trip Trip

ManThinkingA few months ago, the family was on a semi long car trip and I thought that LTD was old enough for ‘thinking of a person’ or 20 questions. I was about half right. He basically understood the concept and was willing to play, but we missed a few things in the execution. At first he was only thinking of people in the car with him and then the list expand slightly to include Grandma and a friend from school. This wasn’t so bad, but when we started guessing he just told us who he was thinking of. The game worked better when picked a person, but again we got jammed up when he started guessing. At first he just started naming everyone he knows after they popped into his head. After further explaining the rules he was on board. Of course he this meant that he would just repeat our questions suggestions. ‘Why don’t you ask if it is a man or a woman?” Repeat. ‘Why don’t you ask if this person is famous or someone we know?” Again, we gave up pretty early on the yes or no nature of the questioning. So in the end we did kill a few minutes in the car, but we didn’t really play thinking of a person. We played repeat a question. Which was pretty fun since it made him laugh and on a car trip that is the best you can hope for.

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