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Book Review – Bangalee

51C6W5JJCQL._SL500_AA300_As a child of the seventies I enjoyed many of the vegetable of that decades cultural stew. In the book department (when not watching Chips) were the Serendipity books. Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James’ series about animals and made up creatures that teach a moral lesson. And while Wheedle on the Needle has a special place in my heart 1976’s Bangalee will always take top honors on my favorites list. The story revolves around the messy Kritters who make Pigpen look like an Purell ad. Of course every Kritter is a total slob except Bangalee who some would say has obsessive compulsive disorder. The other Kritters make fun of him but he knows that nothing good every came out of chaos and preaches clean living. The big garbage eating monster known as the Grunk comes to Kritter castle in the story’s second act conflict. I won’t spoil the ending but it is fair to say that some people learn an important lesson, a lesson that is easily relatable for parents and kids.

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