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Product Review – Boba Carrier 3G

_mg_8279The Mommy has long been into baby carriers, but I have always been on the fence. However, now that LTD is four and BB is five months the level of activity and range of motion needed to for me to navigate these waters have changed my mind. I can’t use the stroller at the playground or library because where LTD is concerned, he is just too fast. The Boba Carrier solves my mobility challenges in way that makes me feel like Luke carrying Yoda in Empire. Since it has foot straps I guess the analogy would be that I am a horse that the baby rides. I was wary at first thinking I was going to need to take yoga to be able to put him in it by myself, but like most things I was making it more complicated than it needed to be and now I can strap the baby to my chest pretty quickly. I do need to turn him around at some point because the level of drool on my shirts is getting ridiculous. I also occasionally feel cool like last weekend when I had him strapped to my chest and the baby supplies pack on my back, it looked like I was parachuting into Normandy.

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