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The First Cut is the Deepest

14191_23_1Had a nice little crisis today while trying to do something good. I know that you never cut a newborn’s nail because they don’t stop bleeding if nicked. At four months though I figured it would be safe for me to takeover the nail trimming duties from The Mommy. BB would have preferred that I left it in her capable hands. Turns out that I took a little piece of skin off the top of one of BB cute little fingers and the blood she was a flowing. Not gonna lie that panic didn’t set in because it did and as I held the burp cloth against the tide I thought this isn’t good. I used the phone to google, how to stop bleeding in four month olds and every single comment began with “my husband was cutting my son’s nails when…” They basically said to apply pressure and it can take a very long time to stop. One post said to put flour on it. Finally, I spoke with a kind nurse in the pediatricians office and said. 1. do NOT use flour and 2. if it doesn’t stop in 10 more minutes come on in. It was no small feat getting him there by myself but upon arrival when I went to get him out of the car I saw that it had stopped. Of course it was still raw for the rest of the day and bleeds a little now and then, but I think the band aid is working and by band aid I mean the one The Mommy was able to put on that stayed on. I learned some lessons today but hopefully BB will learn a lesson in the future, chicks dig scars.

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