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Product Review – The Octonaunts

T7014-octonauts-gup-a-mission-vehicle-d-1LTD has been watching a bit of the undersea adventure show The Octonaunts lately. I don’t mind the show as it has its beginnings in England so the characters all sound more professional and act with more gravity then some of the other shows on Disney Junior (ie. that creepy princess show. The show focus on a team of ocean adventurers who discover new worlds, creatures and promote ocean conservation. The Fisher Price toy line has the characters from the show and one of them comes with something called a Vampire Squid which is something that I don’t remember on any Jacque Cousteau special. The show also has a Life Aquatic vibe which gives the toys a pretty cool color spectrum. So far the little guy loves the Octo-Compass as he is getting into maps and states. I like the toys that logically can also go in the tub as LTD still puts up a fight in that department and every bit helps.T7016-octonauts-octopod-playset-d-1

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