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Product Review – Bodywell Chip

page_sidebar_design-specsLTD frequently uses my old iPhone and BB now uses my iPod (just kidding, but he did grab my phone the other day and make it all sticky). So with all this “i” technology floating around the house it is time once again to discuss cell phone radiation. As mentioned earlier I don’t want to get into the debate, except to say that if cell radiation is bad there are simple fixes out there to deal with the issue and ride the safer than sorry train. One simple way to handle the things so that your kids don’t transform into the Hulk is to use the Bodywell Chip. You just place the small square on the back of the phone and go about playing Words with Friends. The Chip works by blending frequencies that counter cellphone SAR radiation without affecting service. The process is similar to that of noise-canceling headphones. The best part is that even if the radiation turns out not be the danger that some say, the Chip is easy enough to use and frankly when I write the word radiation as many times as I just did it doesn’t sound like something I should be ignoring.

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