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Nothing Compares to a Child’s Imagination

imagination4One of the great joys of watching LTD grow has been seeing his imagination develop first hand. If you listen carefully you can hear what sound like the ravings of a lunatic when LTD is in bed about to go to sleep. Sometimes the stuffies talk to each other and sometimes he “reads” books out loud. As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers have always known LTD does love his costumes and role play. Thankfully, he does not get lost in the characters he portrays for if you say, ‘are you Batman?’ he will reply no I am just dressed up in a Batman costume. A healthy attitude that allow him to keep his feet on the ground, but his eyes on the stars. From making up words to making up games his imagination seems to get more and more developed by the day. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out that when he makes up a joke they don’t really land the way you would like but he does get a sympathy laugh.

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