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Bottle Episode

formula-baby-bottlesBB takes a bottle film at 11. And then doesn’t. In preparation of The Mommy going back to work we started giving BB a practice bottle weeks before the big day. He was reluctant to say the least. He just would not suck but after awhile the situation did. Advice was that it just takes time. So when the day finally arrived I had to feed BB like a bird. He had no problem with the dropper when taking his Vitamin D so I used a dropper to feed him like a baby bird. One suggestion was to use a cup, but too much was spilling and this stuff is liquid gold and The Mommy works hard to make it. By the third day of drops even BB had had enough and took the bottle and drained in fast. I was back in business and all was right with the world. Then Monday arrived and BB having spent the weekend with the real thing rejected the fake. It was dropper time again. But this tale has a happy ending as I finally figured out that BB doesn’t like a cold lunch but wanted a warm meal all along. This boy won’t accept even room temperature, it has to be north of warm and then he goes to work like he gets paid by the ounce. Like a shark, BB is now a perfect eating machine as long as it ain’t Gazpacho.

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