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Book Review – “I See Me” Personalized Books

1myveryownname_2258_6039745When I was the age LTD is now I had I pretty cool personalized story book about a talking trash can (I think). There is something neat about seeing a real book with your name in it. My book had typed inserts for my name and info but we are in the future now and I See Me! has perfected the seamless art of personalizing books. The I See Me! books strive to make the illustrations and stories as interesting as possible with a desire to not have your name in it be the only thing cool inside. The books are available in traditional story form featuring Pirates or Fairies, but you can also get coloring books, holiday or birthday books and big brother or sister books. The books put a focus on the letters in the child’s name so unfortunately kids named JP don’t get their money’s worth but those named Bartholomew make out like bandits. And of course this being modern days you can even get a personalized book for the iPad.

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