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A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far…

51tfb4e3SKLThere are days as a father when I feel my training is complete and it seems like there is nothing left to teach LTD, but then I remember that BB is a blank canvas and I need to redouble my efforts in educating these future men to go out in the world. I’m speaking of course of the fact that LTD watches Star Wars and loves it. Now some of you will ask which one? And I will basically ignore that question because as we all know there are only three Star Wars movies. Star Wars, Empire and Return. End of discussion. The little guy hasn’t watched Empire yet as we both agree it is probably a little scary. Of course he is drawn to Darth Vader as he has the best costume to wear. However, the best part of LTD loving Star Wars is that when he talks about it and the subject of the Rebels comes up he never refers to them as the Rebels but the RRRRR-EB- Bulls. I have no idea why but he draws it out forever and it warms my heart.

To prove his loyalty, when asked what he wanted on his birthday cake he asked for Star Wars on further inquiry as to which character he explained he wanted all of them. However, the problem was solved when The Mommy told him the deadline was soon he had to give his final cake decoration answer he settled on Scooby Doo dressed as Star Wars.

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